Last Days of Life

15th February 2024

Anticipatory Prescribing: information for patients and carers

Understanding the injections that you have been asked to keep at home.  Advice from a senior palliative physician

Expert Advice
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11th January 2024

Agitation and Restlessness in the Final Days: Information for patients and carers

Confusion, restlessness and agitation are common distressing symptoms at the end of life 

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28th December 2023

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) : Information for patients and carers

It is essential for people in the palliative phase of illness to discuss CPR so that their wishes can be understood

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27th June 2023

What families need to do when someone dies

Information for families on what to do after death, legalities and next steps

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27th February 2023

Caring at home - practical tips

A range of short videos and invaluable practical tips for families caring at home towards the end of life

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12th December 2022

What to expect when someone close to you is dying

Information for carers about what to expect as life draws to a close

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5th December 2022

Mouth care: Information for patients and carers

An overview of good mouth care and how to manage common problems

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