1st March 2024

Books to better understand dying, death and palliative care

Browsing books can be a gentle way to feel less alone and more in control 

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14th October 2023

Setting up a version of HPAL in your area

HPAL can be customised to any region or ICS


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16th September 2022

Twitter and palliative care

The best Twitter links to palliative care expertise and ideas



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7th June 2022

Opportunities for further training

Resources and e-learning for clinicians to learn more about palliative care

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1st February 2022

The Lancet Commission on the Value of Death

A global vision for healthcare professionals on death and dying 

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6th February 2021

You matter because you are you

7 Point Action Plan for Better Palliative Care 2021 developed from research during the pandemic by the Cicely Saunders Institute



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10th June 2020

Suffering and the role of healthcare workers

An important discussion of personhood, suffering and the role of clinicians

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