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This information is sourced from Cicely Saunders International

Previous research by Professor Irene Higginson and her team projected a massive increase in the demand for palliative care by 2040.

However, action research completed during 2020 suggests that this level of demand has now been reached in 2021.

This 7 point Palliative Care Action Plan is a succinct summary of what needs to change urgently.

The plan identifies challenges and solutions in the 7 following domains:

  1. Provide palliative care expertise in places where people are cared for: hospitals, care homes, hospices and at home
  2. Make joined up care a reality
  3. Empower patients and carers to have greater choice and control over the things that are important to them
  4. Invest in community care services
  5. Provide healthcare professionals and carers with high-quality palliative care training
  6. Use outcome measures to embed a system of continuous learning and improvement
  7. Fund world-leading research into palliative care


Action Plan 2021 Press Release

Published 26th January 2021