Challenging conversations - improving your communication skills

This information is sourced from What Matters Conversations and  VitalTalk.

Vital Talk is a highly respected resource from the US, pioneered by Dr Anthony Back. In the absence of face to face training and role-play, watching videos is probably the next best option. Vital Talk is recognised globally as a highly valued resource.

This series of brief expert videos are from the US, but the principles and guidance are universal and have been recommended as key resources in the UK.

These videos are backed up by One Page Communication Guides from Vital Talk.


What Matters Conversations

A group of leading UK palliative clinicians and GPs have produced an excellent 10 minute video highlighting 'what matters' conversations


Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations is a training programme endorsed by The General Medical Council.

This article shares 10 top tips regarding difficult conversations – shared by Dr Catherine Millington-Sanders.


The following information is sourced from TalkCPR

Resuscitation Discussions

Many of our difficult conversations relate to our obligation to discuss resuscitation decisions with patients. Talk CPR, a Welsh resource developed by Professor Mark Taubert, provides brief excellent video examples of these vital discussions.


Vital Talk

Published 9th December 2020


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