Discussing CPR with patients

This information is sourced from NHS Wales Talk CPR:

NHS Wales Talk CPR and Professor Mark Taubert have produced an excellent 6 minute video with practical tips for healthcare professionals having sensitive conversations about CPR and DNACPR.

 This 6 minute video suggests:

  • Familiarising yourself with the relevant forms/policies in advance
  • Asking for permission to involve relatives 
  • Adopting your own style and not being formulaic in your discussion
  • Focussing on the person during the consultation, not on the form
  • Listening and exploring your patient's views on CPR
  • Explaining what CPR actually is and that the success rate is low in patients with palliative and life limiting conditions
  • Explaining the risks of CPR
  • Reassuring patients that alternative treatment are available
  • Ensuring the patient has capacity to understand the decision
  • If there is a disagreement always offer a second opinion

Ideally these discussions are held in an appropriate setting by someone who knows the person and the family already.

See also: Resuscitation Council UK guidance 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) : Information for patients and carers


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