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This information is sourced from What Matters Conversation 

Sharing what matters to us, how we want live, what is important to us in terms of relationships and well-being are really key conversations to help family and friends to know in advance of any deterioration in health. This will help future care be relevant, personal and meaningful.

A collaboration of many organisations have developed the What Matters Conversation website to help prompt these conversations.

Making the most of life

  • What matters most to me?

  • What may matter to me when I am less well or dying? 

  • What makes me feel most at peace? 

  • What are my networks of support and how can they be supported so that we all remain resilient and well cared for?

Care preferences

  • When I am less well, where do I want to be cared for and by whom?  

  • Is there a point at which I would not want admission to a healthcare facility for further treatment which aims to preserve or extend life?

  • Where might I prefer to be cared for when I am dying? 

  • Who do I want to make decisions for me if I am no longer able to make them for myself? 

  • Do I wish to make a will? 

  • Do I or my family have preferences for what happens after death?

 This information is sourced from  Life-Support UK

Conversations more specifically about care options and questions about death and dying are beautifully addressed in this compelling website - moving bubbles take you on a journey.

A third of us think about death or dying at least once a week, yet most of us find it hard to talk about.

Life Support helps you start these conversations.

A compelling 11 minute video capturing the power of What Matters to Me conversations


What Matters Conversations

Published 20th December 2020

Life-Support UK

Published 20th December 2020


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