The primary motivation is to enable clinicians and the public to search for the best and most recent information relating to palliative care, quickly and confidently, and to trust the sources chosen.

We synthesise guidance from nationally recognised sources to improve access to information. Sources and publication dates are clearly cited.

We will do our best to ensure that guidance is revised quickly, and removed once it becomes redundant. There will be occasions where we have missed information and we urge people to use the feedback tab on every post to point out errors or omissions. As always, none of the content within the website replaces clinical judgement when providing patient care.

This website has been set up as a freely available resource to help clinicians and the public by the following team:

  • Dr Ros Taylor MBE is a palliative physician committed to the access to relevant excellent palliative information for all those caring for or living with advancing illness

  • Dr Poppy Freeman, Medindex Director and GP provided invaluable consultancy on the content creation of this site. HPAL is built on her Medindex platform

This website was made possible by funding from Harlington Hospice 

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