Planning ahead for all your online accounts (digital assets)

This information is sourced from the Digital Legacy Association:

Documenting what you would like to happen to your online accounts can help ensure that information, contacts, money and assets are not lost upon your death.

Some online accounts allow you to transfer ownership to a next of kin. Other online accounts will allow content to be downloaded and backed up.

Most accounts will not grant access to someone’s next of kin  after the owner has died unless permission has already been given

Things to think about 

  • If you have a number code or password on your mobile phone, ipad or laptop, you may want to think about how best to communicate your passwords to those close to you.
  • If you use social networks (for example Facebook) you may want to download your photos and videos and pass them onto your famiy. You may also want to provide administrative access for your social media accounts to someone you trust.
  • If you have online subscriptions or online bank accounts you may want to make plans for each.
  • If you have photos or videos stored on electronic devices or in the cloud you may want to make a folder of your favourite photos and share them with a friend or family member, via a memory stick or an internet service such as WeTransfer.

To learn about these areas in more detail visit the Digital Legacy Association website and listen to the BBC Sounds podcast ‘We Need to Talk About Death, My Digital Legacy’ by Joan Bakewell

Logging a list of your accounts in a Social Media Will

Online accounts that store photos, videos and other assets can be logged in a ‘Social Media Will’. This is a non-legally binding document but can be of great value to those dealing with your estate after you die.

Online accounts that store financial assets should be logged within a Last Will & Testament.

A Last Will & Testament is a public document. Passwords therefore should not be included within this document. 


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